Few Factors to Consider While Choosing a Warehouse Location


Warehouses are locations where products are kept either temporarily or permanently. In the logistics industry, which is important in facilitating business activities throughout the manufacturing, trade, and also transport sectors, rented warehouse space can play a vital role.

Therefore, when establishing a warehouse, whether, through the construction of a new warehouse or leasing an existing one, businesses should keep in mind crucial factors required in selecting the right location.

If the location is inappropriate for the business types, it may have an impact on transportation costs or long-term business growth.

For warehouse and factory for rent Bangna Trad (โกดังให้เช่า บางนา ตราด, term in Thai) you can contact Thai Industrial Property, which can offer you the necessary space.

Many people prefer to rent factories and warehouses, particularly in the BangnaTrat area due to the following reasons:

  • Bangna road is the in-between Bangkok and Suvarnabhumi airport
  • Bangna-Trad Road happens to be the central transportation hub
  • This area is close to the capital city
  • It connects essential commercial as well as industrial sites
  • It is the gateway to EEC
  • Trat community near Bangkok
  • Close to major commercial/residential development projects.

The following are a few factors are considered when choosing any warehouse location

  1. Must be conveniently located close to suppliers, manufacturers, and customers

Businesses should take into account whether the site is close to suppliers, manufacturers, or customers when choosing the best location for warehouses.

This will assist in cutting down on shipping costs and time. We advise companies with foreign clients to put their warehouses close to major ports or airports to facilitate quick product delivery.

  1. Should be near easily accessed transportation routes

Accessible transit routes must be available near warehouses. We must also take into account roads, expressways, and good transit when selecting a warehouse because these elements will have an immediate impact on the logistics of transportation.

  1. Environment

Businesses should also take into account environmental aspects including weather patterns and the likelihood of natural disasters. Aside from that, warehouses should not be situated too close to a population to avoid any disturbances.

  1. City plan and zoning

The Town Planning Act is another important consideration when deciding where to locate warehouses because, in accordance with the act, some districts may forbid the construction of warehouses.

Therefore, businesses should carefully research the area’s specifics. If in doubt, it is advised to consult the district office or the municipality in the area where the land is located.

Currently, there are plenty of new developments of many large mixed-use projects taking place and some of them are:

  • Mega City
  • Bangkok Mall
  • Whizdom 101
  • Forestias,
  • The Bitec Exhibition Centre Phase
  • Newly opened M Tower
  • 21-story floors of office areas
  • Intersection between BangnaTrat Road and Sukhumvit Road
  • Bhiraj Convention Centre
  • BITEC Convention Centre.

We sincerely hope that this post has benefited you in some manner. Please feel free to contact Thai Industrial Property at any time if you are interested in renting any factory premises or warehouses in Thailand.

Rentable warehouses are offered at the BangnaTrad Frontage Road and a few other logistics-friendly locations nearby the Leamchabang port and Suvarnabhumi Airport.

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